Prolacto, affordable quality infant milk powder for a better nutritional life

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About Prolacto

Prolacto, a group of entrepreneurs with an extensive experience in emerging markets, felt that quality nutrition products were overall priced out of reach for lower GDP economies.

As such, we set out to identify producers of quality nutrition products with competitive cost base and offered to expand their market.

Our first succes was to set up a partnership with La Sibila, a leading and established South America based milk powder producer. La Sibila’s integrate farm to product operations that provide us with the quality, consistency and competitive advantage to take their products to various markets.




To develop those new markets we offer three different options:

We will mainly focus on Asian markets due to size and potential of those markets, but we welcome any opportunities in markets outside of Asia, like Africa and the Middle-East.

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What we offer

At Prolacto we strive to understand your needs and guide you to make good decisions. Our aim is that from the very beginning we differentiate ourselves from other small players by committing to long-term business relationships and find trading solutions together.

We aim to connect low-cost producing regions with high-demand growth markets. Alongside, we strive to achieve a right balance between our profitable mix of commodity and value-added business and we continue to refine our winning footprint, which helps us serve our customers and outperform our competitors.



High Quality Goods

Our focus lies within the infant milk powders, these for all age groups, 1, 2 and 3. We believe our manufacturer, La Sibila, produce high quality products that can compete with the increasing pressure that is being put on distributors by companies such as Danone and Nestle.

La Sibila, has its own fields dedicated to agricultural production, strategically positioned so that no external climate factors undermine its work. In these establishments, most of the dairy cows are raised and milked. The constant care of cows, along with a healthy diet and control of best practices in milking, in terms of hygiene and the handling of animals, assures us their Baby food-quality milk. Because they have excellent quality raw materials, they can manufacture the best infant formulas.

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People behind Prolacto

Jean-Francois Wauters (CEO and shareholder) has been active in the dairy trading since 1986. Owner and Managing Director of Ets André Wauters & Cie nv, located in Antwerp, Belgium. A Company specialized in the dairy trading, with main product being milk powder. Other products in the range are sugar, vegetable cooking oil, pastas and other food products. Main sourcing for the milk powder is in Europe (Ireland), South America (Argentina) and New Zealand.

Stanislas Emsens (Managing Director) is the person involved with Prolacto on a day-to-day business. Having worked as a business developer in the past, he is determined to yet again successfully introduce new products to existing markets and put Prolacto on the trading map. His outstanding developing and communication skills combined with the excellent knowhow of the shareholders portfolio form a prosperous unit to grow Prolacto into a fruitful trading company.